Join the Port Ludlow Art League’s Website Rev 1/2014

Members of Port Ludlow Art League are entitled to join our website.  As members you can have up to six paragraphs of text and six photos of your art on your own personal web page.  Increasing the number of photos or adding additional text can be accomplished by working with our web team, Cathy Thomas & Ginny Ford at

Cost for having your very own web page on the PLAL website is shown below.  Members may request a logon ID and password so that they can update their pages for Free.

Do It Yourself
Standard Artist Template
Custom Page
You will be provided a login to your blank webpage.  You can upload your photos and text.  There will be be minimal technical support at this level.  Knowledge about WordPress is strongly recommended. Our website developer will take your 1 to 6 photos, text, contact information and will build you a website.  Plus she will provide 1 hour of consulting to optimize your site for search engines. See Sample Page The web developer, will build a custom page on the PLAL site.  Ability to have more photos and a unique look to your webpage.  PayPal button can be added to enable buyers to Buy your products online.
One time Fee: $15.
$15 per hour consulting fee for help in the future such as changing text or putting up new pictures.  Email when you are ready for a change!
One time Fee of $30.
$15 per hour consulting fee for help in the future.Note:  If the client can provide the web developer the PayPal button codes, these can be added for $20 extra.
$15 per hour with minimum of $60.
$15 per hour consulting fee for help in the future.Email when you are ready for a change!

So how do I join the PLAL website?  Remember you must be an member in good standing of Port Ludlow Art League.  Visit our Membership page to join.

Click on the link below and download our application.  Fill out the application and either mail your paper or digital photos on CD to Port Ludlow Art League, 120 Spinnaker Lane, Port Ludlow WA 98365 or scan the form and email form and images to[Your information is not shared with any other companies.  It is simply necessary so that our website developer can contact you with questions.]
PLAL Short-Application-to-Join-PLAL-Website-rev5

Visit our, “How To” video page to learn out to login and edit your own pages!