Artisan jewelry by Ginny Ford

Ginny Ford creates fine artisan jewelry in her design studio, Heavenly Mountain Studios, located on Washington state’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula. 1005220_675952819098728_969617036_n[1]

She works primarily in Sterling silver, silver, copper and brass, which are more affordable and can be mixed for visual interest. She loves to create textures and patinas on the metal through hammering, pressing and heating, as well as by using chemical processes. Unusual and colorful stones add depth and drama to her work. Many pieces feature clasps and earwires that are either hand forged or made in Bali, Indonesia.

Her artisan jewelry is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Amonzite & amethyst earrings

Amonzite & amethyst earrings

SS earrings

Sterling silver earrings on Sterling ear wires

Sterling silver pendant with Washington state sea glass

Sterling silver pendant with Washington state sea glass

Alcohol ink stained earrings with silver embellishments

Alcohol ink stained earrings with silver embellishments


About the Artist

Ginny Ford is a native Missourian who played with art as a child. She studied art in school – right up to graduation from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she was graduated with a Bachelor’s of Journalism.  

A business career intervened, where she worked in journalism, marketing communications and as a consultant in business excellence. She lived with her husband, Bob, in Singapore in the mid 90s, where she was attracted to the beauty and simplicity of Asian design.

She moved to Port Ludlow in 1999 and started again exploring her love of art. Her company, Heavenly Mountain Studios, was formed in 2006. She has explored two dimension art, but has been drawn to jewelry design and creation.

Find her work at the Port Ludlow Artists’ League Gallery and also at the Inn at Port Ludlow. You can contact her at vpat…

Read here to learn about one of her favorite design techniques, silver reticulation.





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