Artist of the Month


Artist of the Month —

The Silk Road Group Show 

silk road

Each year, the League artists’ are presented with a “challenge” of a specific theme and this year’s artwork is the culmination of the League’s 2017 challenge to create art inspired by the ancient network of trade routes throughout Eurasia. As with any of the group’s challenges, the medium of choice is left to each artist to depict his or her interpretation of the theme. The results are far-ranging, inspiring, sometimes humorous but always thought-provoking.

Jeweler of the Month — Lee Dunn  

Lee Dunn, glass bead artist, is Port Ludlow Artists’ League October’s Jeweler of the Month. Upon retiring a few years back, he was persuaded by his sister and his wife to take a lamp-work bead making class in Olympia and his imagination took off with glass bead-making becoming his passion. What interests him the most about making lamp-work beads is how different colored glasses can react and/or blend to highlight or contrast within each individual bead. For him, the physical process of how one color works with another when making glass beads is his challenge and incorporating those beads into jewelry completes his creative process.
Dunn’s beads and jewelry can be seen at both the Inn at Port Ludlow and the League Gallery.

Bay Club Artists’ Hallway —

Gary Griswold

Ghost Ferry by Gary Griswold, Port Ludlow Artists league
Ghost Ferry by Gary Griswold

The show is a collection of Gary Griswold’s watercolors that focus on “Northwest Waterways.” He prefers to paint “plein air” where he can immerse himself completely in a setting, especially the mountains, the ocean and inlets of Puget Sound, where the tunes of nature, wind, temperature, smells and sounds of the outdoors stimulates him as he attempts to capture the elements of a place in his work. Griswold’s watercolors unfailingly capture the moment of a scene.

Griswold, always an artist, became truly serious about watercolor painting in the 1980’s. He attended San Francisco Art Institute, Los Angeles City College and UCLA, and has studied with painters Jerry Stitt, John Riggen and Deane Lemley. He is a member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and Board member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters. His paintings have been exhibited at the Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair, the Boeing Red Barn opening, the Harbor Gallery in Gig Harbor, and Marjuli Gallery at Ocean Shores as well as showing at the Puyallup Fair. Locally, his paintings are on display at The Inn at Port Ludlow, the League Gallery and the Bay Club.

All are welcome to the League’s Second Wednesday Reception on October 11 to meet these artists and enjoy their artwork in the Lobby of Sound Community Bank from 4:00-4:45 p.m. and next door at the Gallery from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  Please join the League in some light nibbles, fantastic art, and lively conversation!


 Artist of the Month  

 Wanda Mawhinney 

 Out of the Blue by Wanda Mawhinney


Port Ludlow Artist, Wanda Mawhinney, will garner the spotlight for the Artists’ League “Artist of the Month,” during November. Her collection of paintings will feature new canvases completed during this past year, bringing fresh new insights into the world of abstract. Her mix of oils and “cold” wax, gives texture and depth to her compositions of vibrant colors and bold lines.

 “Cold” wax is not the only aspect of temperature in her paintings. The viewer who takes the time to study Mawhinney’s paintings will find warmth in some while others are cool and crisp. Unlike representational scenes, her abstracts speak differently to each individual. When not looking for something specific, a whole new vista is there for the imagining. She starts each new painting as the beginning of a journey, letting the colors and textures take life in unexpected ways on the canvas, intuitively allowing the painting to evolve, layer upon layer. Her paintings are always compelling, energetic and demanding of one’s attention, as well they should be.

Mawhinney has had two one-woman shows and appeared in numerous juried shows. Her works in the Northwest have been displayed in the Port Townsend Gallery, Port Ludlow Artist’s League Gallery, Northwinds Showcase Gallery, LARC Gallery and the Inn at Port Ludlow. Her paintings are in private collections from coast to coast.

Friends, fellow artists, and the community at large are invited to the Second Wednesday Reception on November 8th. The Sound Community Bank lobby will be open from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. to meet Mawhinney and view her paintings while the Gallery (adjacent to the bank at 9500 Oak Bay Road, Port Ludlow) will be open from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. with light nibbles, interesting conversations and inspiring art.


Jeweler of the Month 

and Featured Artist

at the Port Ludlow Bay Club —

Pamela Raine

Multi-talented artist, Pamela Raine comes to the Port Ludlow Artists’ League after a career in computer technology. The month of November finds her art pieces on display in two of Port Ludlow’s venues, the Bay Club and the Artists’ League Gallery where she is “Jeweler of the Month.”

There has always been the soul of an artist lurking below the surface but it’s been since retiring and moving to Port Ludlow that her talents have taken wing. An avid gardener, she finds her love of all things growing blends beautifully with watercolors, turning a blank canvas into a garden for the eyes. Not long ago, Raine began exploring abstract art using encaustics, collage, and ceramics, opening up a whole new set of passions. Her show, “Explorations with Collage – Collection #1” during November in the Gallery Hallway of the Bay Club will feature a sampling of her artwork in all the various mediums she has mastered.

In addition, Raine enjoys the three-dimensional aspects of jewelry-making. Her unusual “wearable art” will be featured at the League Gallery on the Jeweler of the Month pedestal. “I find enormous delight in expressing myself through art and want to share that sense of joyful freedom with others,” says Raine.

Join the Artists’ League in saluting this very accomplished artist at the Second Wednesday Reception, November 8th at the Artists’ League Gallery, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Stop by the Bay Club and enjoy a stroll down the hall, treating your eyes to a colorful array of her artistic endeavors. You’ll be glad you did!


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