Artist of the Month


Artist of the Month  

 Winter Wonders: Port Ludlow Art League Group Show 

The Winter Wonders group show is held over through the end of January. Join the League in their winter wrap-up at the Second Wednesday Reception on January 10th. The artwork by a variety of talented artists in a variety of mediums has something for a variety of viewers – and that’s a lot of V’s! When the League does a “group show,” it is always breath-taking and amazing that such talent and energy resides in one small community. There is always something for everyone who appreciates art whether it’s abstract or representational, whimsical or sobering, vivid or muted – the best of the League is something to celebrate.

The Sound Community Bank lobby will be open from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. to meet the artists of “Winter Wonders” while the Gallery (adjacent to the bank at 9500 Oak Bay Road, Port Ludlow) will be open from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. showcasing the art of Georganne Muse. A little egg-nog, some light snacks, friends and inspiring art always make for a great year-end celebration!

Jeweler of the Month 

Georganne Muse
Georganne  has been making and selling jewelry for about 12 years with her pieces sold in several shopsGeorganne Muse, Jeweler of the Month, vacationed here many times and thought to live here would be an address in paradise!

In her other life she worked retail, then took up “faux finishing” and murals. Climbing ladders and scaffolding takes its toll and when her hands could not handle the rigors of those activities, she searched for another avenue for her creative bent. Along life’s way, she collected many strands of semi-precious beads and set out to use up the collection of stones; teaching herself the art of “wire wrapping” fit the bill.

“The colorful stones and shapes are so exciting and I love assembling a pile of stones and sterling silver wire and making
something out of just pieces.  The repetitive movements of wire-wrapping put me in a ‘zen-like’ state and hours pass before I realize it,” shares Muse.

Featured Artists at the Port Ludlow Bay Club —

Abstract artists

 Viv Krieg Patricia Webber Gail Larson Jackie VanNoy

The January art exhibit in the great hall at the Bay Club is a group show by members of the Port Ludow Art League’s abstract art group.

Eight artists, representing a wide range of styles and mediums, makes this exhibit an exciting and comprehensive survey of abstract art right here in Port Ludlow. The artists are Pat Carneal, Viv Krieg, Gail Larson, Wanda Mawhinney, Georganne Muse, Marilyn Sandau, Jackie VanNoy, and Patricia Webber.          

The Port Ludlow Abstract Art Group meets monthly at the Bay Club. It was founded in 2015 by Patricia Webber, who serves as the facilitator, to promote awareness and appreciation of abstract art and to provide a supportive peer group for constructive critique of each other’s current work.

Abstract art departs from familiar, recognizable images like a landscape, still life, or portrait painting, but rather than lacking reality, the art expands upon it. Some abstract art is representational –the art has identifiable images—and some is purely subjective splashes of color, geometric designs, or symbols.   To fully enjoy abstract art, the focus should be less on trying to figure out what the painting looks like and more on exploring and enjoying the emotions, memories or meaning that may emerge from the painting.   Abstract art is free to depict what may lie beneath the surface or beyond what is apparent in a recognizable image, to create a visual representation of non-visual senses, or to challenge and push visual boundaries of perception.



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