Sparking creativity since 2002

The Port Ludlow Art League was formed in 2002 in Port Ludlow, Washington, by a group of artists interested in sharing their love of art. Over the years, we have grown from a group of about 30 individuals to a membership list today that includes nearly 100 members representing a variety of media from around the Western Washington area.

Membership dues for the Port Ludlow Art League are $40 annually ($20 after August 1). Please check the membership tab to learn about benefits of membership and how to join. 

2017 Board of Directors
President Claudia Wicks
1st Vice President  
2nd Vice President Mary Lynn Laker
Secretary Cathy Thomas
Assistant Secretary (Communications) Larry Davidson
Treasurer Carol Galvan
Assistant Treasurer (Membership) Peggy Ponto
Member at Large (Historian) Linda Henderson
Member at Large  Patricia Webber
Past President Judy Danberg
Committee Coordinators
Performing Arts Concert Exhibits Alan Ahtow
Gallery Committee
Hospitality Dominica Lord-Wood
Program Patricia Webber
Scholarship Mary Lynn Laker
Sunshine Wanda Mawhinney
Inn Exhibits Larry Davidson, Maggie Smith, Judy Danberg
Website Cathy Thomas, Ginny Ford


Community support — Scholarships

The League has been raising money for scholarships for Chimacum High School Students continuing their education in the creative arts. We have held art raffles, an Art Gala and new in 2017, an Art Fest for our major fundraisers.

During the last 10 years, over $30,000 has been raised and over 20 students have received scholarships to pursue their studies. 

We thank the community for their support of these efforts.


In April 2016, the League was featured in a Ned Luce column in the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader newspaper about our efforts with our scholarship program and a 2010 recipient, Rosaletta Curry.

rosaletta performance

From left, Arne Danberg, Jeanne Joseph, Barbara Adams, Judy Danberg, Rosaletta Curry, Ginny Ford, Peggy Ponto, Wanda Mawhinney & Mary Lynn Laker.

“As you would expect, the Port Ludlow Artists’ League adds a unique layer to the community. The members display their various artistic pieces in their gallery next to Sound Community Bank as well as at the Beach Club and Bay Club. Much of it is available for sale, and other pieces are provided to add richness to the fabric of life here.

“A recent converstion with Jeanne Joseph at the Yacht Club’s Wreck Room provided additional insight into one of the league’s best programs. The group proivides at least one annual scholarship for promising students of the creative arts at Chimacum High School. The recipient in 2010, Rosaletta Curry, returned to the area last week to present the play “The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe” at the Chameleon Theater in Port Townsend. Jeanne was one of 11 Artists’ League members who saw the opening-night production last week and was justifiabily proud of the performance provided by Rosaletta. I also followed Jeanne’s suggestion that I contact Ginny Ford, who is one of the key folks behind the scholarship program. Ginny told me all about Rosaletta’s remarkable career here, at Ithaca College and in London. It is clear that the Artists’ League is making lasting contributions to creative arts with these scholarships.”